Establishing a Scholarship in the Community Foundation doesn't take a Rocket Scientist

(but you might just be able to help someone become one)

So how easy is it to establish a scholarship fund in the Community Foundation? Here are some questions to consider when starting a new scholarship fund. If you'd like more information, bring these questions and any more that you might have to our office, and we'll help you sort out the details.

  1. Do you have a preference as to the high school(s) the student has graduated from or a geographic area?
  2. Do students have to be recent graduates to be eligible?
  3. Do you have a preference as to the kind (trade, vocational, or university) of post-secondary educational institution that they attend or where (a particular university or post-secondary school) the student will attend?
  4. Do you want to help students who are majoring in a specific area or working toward a particular career field?
  5. What criteria is important when selecting the recipients of the scholarship? Recipients should be selected based on (circle all that apply):

    financial need
    good character
    letter of recommendation
    healthy life style
    academic achievement
    good citizenship
    other ____________
  6. Are the scholarships renewable (subject to available funds, etc.)?
  7. How much to you want the amount of the annual scholarships to be?
  8. Should income from the fund be paid directly to support the general scholarship fund at the high school(s) and/or college/university/trade school?
  9. What will the award be called? ___________________________________

Foundation staff is available to work with you to make this experience what you really want it to be.

The Community Foundation will administer scholarships established through the Foundation according to the stated fund agreement’s criteria. The selection committee shall consist of the Scholarship Committee of the Community Foundation appointed by the Board of Directors. This scholarship establishment criteria checklist will help you to further define your scholarship.

Call (800) 964-0508 or email to ask any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment. We are always eager to work with your attorney and or your accountant to do all we can to assist you in making a gift in the way that best suits your circumstances.

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